About us

BLOCK (the company) was founded in Zadar in 1993. Since 2007, the company operates under the name of BLOCK-PROJEKT Pty Ltd for architecture and physical planning. BLOCK-PROJEKT is registered to carry out architectural design, civil engineering, urban and physical planning and consulting, as well as technical consultation and supervision of construction works.

The company at present has 14 employees. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, as well as cutting-edge technology, company employees are able to respond to all kinds of challenges and demands that may arise while approaching a wide range of project design and management tasks...


Zeljko Predovan, BSc. ing. arh.
Head Architect

Sanja Bošković, BSc. ing. arh.
Main Architect

Stephen Tony Brčić, Bach. Town Planning
Main Planner

Lovre Predovan, BSc. ing. arh.

Ante Gunjača, BSc. ing. arh.

Luka Predovan, Civ. Eng.
Project design associate

Zlatko Adorić, Civ. Eng. Tech.
Project design associate

Nataša Sorić

Barbara Predovan